The Learning and Development Process


We determine what you really need. Focus groups, interviews, observations, and surveys are necessary to determine the true needs of learners before development of programs can take place. We take the time to determine learning and developmental gaps using the tool that works best for your organization.


We design instruction based on determined needs. We implement a systematic approach to designing instruction that begins with your desired results – the objectives. We design instruction that addresses differing learning styles and incorporates a variety of methodologies. For your on-line learning needs, we create production-ready storyboards that provide an interactive means for gathering important information.


We have presenters who possess strong facilitation skills. Whether it’s a workshop, seminar, or team building session, facilitators deliver content that engages the adult learner.


We evaluate immediately following a program and later for long-term results. Optimum Development conducts evaluations to gather initial responses and reactions to a program. We also create and implement evaluations to gather long-term behavior and performance changes resulting from the training.


We help you determine if your programs are accomplishing goals. Are your programs continuing to meet their objectives? Optimum Development reviews your existing training materials to determine if they meet the current learning requirements.


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