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Individual Consulting Services

Developing Your Presentation Skills

Every person in business requires effective presentation skills. For some, delivering a presentation is an extremely stressful and difficult task, even with proper planning. How do you overcome the stress and nervousness associated with delivering a presentation?
Optimum Development works directly with individuals to help them deliver clear and concise presentations that ensure audience interest and understanding.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Optimum Development administers the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI™) to individuals to help them understand how their personality type has an effect on their style of work and working relationships. Awareness of MBTI™ type provides recognition and appreciation for diversity and the strengths diversity offers.

Learning & Development Services

The Learning and Development Process

An effective training program has several components. Optimum Development will work with you to determine your learning and development needs and create programs that meet your needs, with overall consideration for the experience and learning style of the adult learner.

The Learning & Development Specialist

Optimum Development offers programs to develop the skills of your internal learning and development specialists, instructional designers and trainers.

Specialized Organizational Services

Optimum Development offers additional services to meet your overall organization’s developmental needs.

Are you in pace with the changing times? Are your employees keeping up with your business growth? Optimum Development offers specialized organizational services that help you identify key areas requiring analysis so that you can remain aligned with the current business needs.


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