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Leadership Programs

Performance managers… Effective communicators…Decisive leaders… Successful delegators… Team builders…

Leaders need additional skills to be able to take on their new role. The transition can be difficult without the necessary competencies. Optimum Development works with its clients to identify specific leadership requirements within their organization and creates programs to help new leaders thrive in their new position.

Programs for Your Talent

Positive customer interactions… Powerful presentations…
Effective communication… Efficient time managers…
Collaborative teams with successful outcomes…

As your business needs change, so do the skill requirements of your talent. Organizations must always be on top of developmental needs.

**Optimum Development tailors the instructional design of each program based on specific learning needs

Specialized Programs

Presenting YOU!™
(For Women in Business)

Delivering presentations is difficult for many, even with proper planning. It is even more difficult when you have to speak about yourself, or your business. In this hands-on workshop, learn how to present yourself and your business to others in a networking environment. Discover which message components have the most impact on how the audience receives a message. Through practice of your own presentation, discover the skills needed to ensure the desired results from your presentations. Communicate with poise, clarity, and confidence when placed in that situation where you have to present… you!

Successful women in business are confident speakers.


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